Thy Kingdom Come 2020

For the last few years Christians around the world have spent the 10 days between Ascension and Pentecost praying for the coming of God’s Kingdom in the lives of family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, that they may know Jesus for themselves as we know Him.

This year, as our communities struggle in all sorts of ways in the face of the current pandemic we will be praying this once more, that God’s Kingdom would break into their lives, that they would know the hope which we have.

Prayer and Care

During this time perhaps you might like to chose 5 people to be praying for specifically that they would come to faith.

You may also like to pray for our wider communities, and as you do so, pray that God’s Spirit may reveal to you the ways in which we can show the love of God in practical ways to those around us showing God’s care for them, our prayers leading us to action.

Daily Reflections

To aid our reflections and prayers during this time we will be uploading a reflection to our Youtube channel each day. These will also be available below from 3pm each day.

More Information

There are a range of resources available by clicking on the button below, from a daily prayer journal which can be printed out, to a poster for families to use together along with tips and other information. Please do check them out.

Above all please do join us in praying that God’s Spirit may move at this time in our communities that through all the current difficulties and circumstances people may encounter the risen Jesus and come to know Him for themselves.