Prayer Cycles

We care about the communities we serve here in the Magor Ministry Area, and one of the ways we show that care is by praying for them.

But as well as being local, we are also part of the Monmouth Diocese and the wider Anglican Communion. Praying for our Diocese and the church around the world allows us to partner with them in their work in sharing the Gospel whilst also reminding us that our Church is far bigger than us.

How each cycle works

Our local prayer cycle enables us to pray for those who live and work on every street of the Ministry Area over a 2 month period along with praying for our communities and schools each Sunday.

The Diocesan Prayer cycle covers every Ministry Area in the diocese along with those who minister there. It also includes the Church Schools in the Diocese and the wider diocesan team.

The Anglican Cycle of prayer is released quarterly and helps us to pray for the church throughout the world. Praying for different diocese’ and provinces along with their respective Bishops. By way of explanation of the terms used: here in the Magor Ministry Area, Monmouth is our Diocese, the Church in Wales is the Province, and Archbishop John is the Primate.

In the Anglican prayer cycle on Monday – Saturday we pray for different diocese around the world, it’s structured: Diocese (Province) Bishop
On Sundays we pray for different Provinces and their Primate.
(The Episcopal Church refers to the provinces in the United States unless stated otherwise)

The Local and Diocesan Cycles are updated monthly whilst the Anglican Cycle is update quarterly so please check back for up to date versions. We commend these cycles to your use as we pray for our local area and the wider church together.