Worship Online

If you can’t join us on site for whatever reason you can always join us online every Sunday from 10am below. Our Virtual Morning Worship centre’s around listening to God’s word together. We sing hymns, pray for our world and hear God’s word read and preached.

Occasionally we do series’ of topical reflections, these can also be found below.

The Worship and Reflections below will play the latest release first, if you want to watch a previous video click the 3 lines in the top right hand corner of the video window to bring up a drop down menu of the videos.

Sunday Worship

Our Virtual Sunday Worship includes Scripture, Sung worship and a sermon on the reading or feast day.

Faith Conversations

A series of conversations between Samuel and various members of our local churches about how they came to faith and the difference Jesus makes in their lives.

7 Days of Hope

During the 2020 Easter Octave (the 8 days including and following Easter Sunday) our Curate Samuel shared reflections on the readings from the Easter Vigil along with a couple of other readings thinking about our reasons for hope.

Holy Week 2021

Psalm Reflections

During the autumn some people from our churches shared their favourite Psalms and what they means to them. Each reflection is about 5 minutes.

Thy Kingdom Come Reflections 2020

Between Ascension and Pentecost a number of the Ministry Team gave short (around 6 minute) reflections about the Holy Spirit and praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.