Coronavirus Update

With the Welsh Government relaxing restrictions further last week we have reassessed our measures and there are a number of key changes which we wanted to update you on along with a few things which, for now, will remain the same.

With a large proportion of the country double vaccinated but also aware that the pandemic isn’t over, we’ve made the decision to maintain distancing but reduce it to 1m in our churches and ask you please observe this whilst in our buildings. Whilst there is no longer a legal requirement to socially distance, we feel that keeping 1m is the sensible thing to do. In our larger buildings we will still reserve a portion of the space at 2m for those who are uncomfortable with closer distancing, we want people to feel comfortable attending.

With this reduction in distancing, and therefore increased capacity, we are also removing the need to book in advance for services so you can just arrive on the day. We still however need to comply with Track and Trace so, rather than taking your details (name and contact number) when you book, you’ll now need to provide them at the door upon arrival. These details will only be stored for 21 days and will only be used for Track and Trace purposes (full details can be found here).

We are also reintroducing singing in many of our churches.

However, as mentioned above, some restrictions remain in place. Masks are still legally required to be worn at all our services unless you are exempt. Communion will continue to be in one kind only and received in your seat. The usual measures of using hand sanitiser upon arrival and exit, and not attending if you are unwell also still apply.

Whilst we rejoice that things are slowly returning to normal we are keen to do so safely. We are also aware that there are many in our communities who feel overwhelmed by the sudden easing of restrictions and still feel unsafe. If you’re planning to come along to a service but have questions or concerns about doing so please get in touch with one of the team. Our Online Worship provision also continues to be available week by week for those unable to attend in person for whatever reason. Please join us in continuing to hold in your prayers all those affected by the pandemic and if we can be praying for you do let us know.