Life Explored

We all want to be happy. But why is lasting happiness so hard to find? Many things in life promise us so much happiness, yet deliver so little.

Join us for a 7 session course as we explore the overarching story of the Bible. No knowledge of the Bible or of Christianity is needed, we’re going to start right at the basics.

The course is completely free. Each session lasts around an hour and includes some video clips, some passages from the Bible and the chance to discuss and ask questions about what we’re exploring together. The sessions each look at a different aspect of who God is and how Christians believe that our deepest desires for happiness can only be satisfied in one person, Jesus Christ. God in the flesh.

We’re not going to force you to believe anything or give you cookie cutter answers to your questions. This is a place for real questions and real discussion. You don’t have to come to every session, and if you come to the first one and decide it’s not for you that’s fine.

As we can’t gather together in person due to the current pandemic we are going to be meeting via Zoom, all you need is an internet connection (and if you’re looking at this we’re assuming you do) and a webcam and microphone (if you’re on a laptop or tablet they’re probably already built in). You don’t need to download any software, when you get in touch we’ll send you the link and you can join us through your web browser.

So why not come along? We’d love you to join us as we explore the big questions of life.

Tuesdays 7pm on Zoom, starting 16th June.
To sign-up or to find out more contact one of the Ministry Team