Jesus talks quite a bit about money throughout the Gospels. Financial giving is part of our discipleship as Christians, aligning our resources with God’s call on our lives. And part of this includes giving to the local church to enable us to continue to proclaim the Good News of Jesus in our communities.

The current pandemic has hit many businesses and individuals financially, the same is true for the churches of the Magor Ministry Area. We have reduced expenditure as far as is possible but there are still running costs and bills to pay whilst we wait for something more like normal life to resume.

If you usually give in cash on a Sunday morning or would like to start giving regularly to the Ministry Area you can to sign up for the Church in Wales’ gift direct scheme. This allows you to set up a standing order which will be taken monthly and go directly into the church account with the added benefit that gift aid is automatically applied if you’re eligible.

Currently Gift Direct is set up for the individual churches (for example St Mary’s, Nash), if you want to give in this way to the Ministry Area as a whole please get in touch.

To set up Gift Direct or to find out more click the buttons below.

We are currently in the process of setting up an online system for one off donations and will update this page and announce when this goes live.