Children at Home


Whilst we are unable to visit schools in person we have been producing fortnightly assemblies on YouTube for children to watch in school. They usually have a Bible story and then some thoughts about how we might apply/what we might learn from the story.

The latest one will play first, but if you click the three lines on the top right of the video you can navigate through all of them.

We hope they’re a blessing to you and give you something to think about together.


This year we’ve recorded 2 Christingle services, one for younger children (under 6) which is quite simple and under 10 minutes, and one for slightly older children (6 and up). We hope they’re a blessing to you and your family this Christmas.

We have also linked below to a video about how to make a Christingle and what each part represents.


Below you will find some crafts which we’ve been producing for you to use at home, we will be updating this section soon with new things so do check back.

Sea Sunday

Trinity II / Fathers Day

Trinity I

Trinity Sunday


Easter 7
Today we are thinking about how Jesus ascended into heaven after he had come back to life. So help us do that we are making our own moving picture of Jesus ascending into a cloud, click below for the instructions, template and story.

Easter 6
Today we are thinking about Jesus promising to send the Holy Spirit. So we are making some clouds, stars and hearts to help us think about what makes a good friend. There’s also a word search for you to do.

Easter 5
Today we are thinking about Jesus saying ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’. We have a few crafts and some colouring for you to enjoy.

Easter 4 (Good Shepherd Sunday)
Today we think about Jesus calling himself the Good Shepherd. To help us do that we are making sheep and a shepherd out of toilet roll tubes.

Easter 3
This week we are thinking about the hope that we have and are making pop-up puppets. We also had our All-Age Eucharist on Sunday so why not tune in to that and worship with us as a family.

Easter 2
As we continue our Easter celebrations we look today at Thomas who doubted that Jesus was really alive again.
We have a Lego Animation to watch to help us think about the story and this week are making hands.

Easter Sunday
Today the Church celebrates Jesus coming back to life. Have a watch of the video to hear about what happened.
We’re making Easter Gardens this week, if you make one please send us a picture of your finished garden, we’d love to see them.

Palm Sunday
On Palm Sunday we think about Jesus entering Jerusalem to cheering crowds.
Have a watch of the story (made by Andrea) and then have a go at making palm branches out of your palms.
If you want a bit more of a challenge you can also have a go at making your own palm crosses.

Have a box of lego at home? Why not have a go at building the stories from the Bible throughout April. Read the story then build it together, or, if you’re a little more competitive, each build your own version of that days story.

Lent 5:
This week we are thinking about Jesus raising his friend Lazarus from the dead. You can watch the story here:
The craft can be found by clicking here.

Mothering Sunday:
Planting seeds and praying for all the special women in our lives
The craft can be found by clicking here.