There are five primary schools within the ministry area:-

  • Magor Church In Wales Primary School
  • Undy Primary School
  • Llanmartin Primary School
  • Langstone Primary School
  • Glan-Llyn Primary School

The church has a presence at each school and members of the clergy team and parishioners are actively involved in leading regular acts of collective worship (assemblies) as well as acting as school governors.

Magor Church In Wales Primary School has a catchment area that encompasses all of the villages in the ministry area as well as the surrounding areas. Links between church and school are very strong and the Rector provides pastoral care to both pupils and staff. Collective Worship is led each week by a member of the clergy team and the children and their parents regularly come into church for school services.

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All the children in years 4, 5 and 6 from Magor Church in Wales Primary, who recently took part in four weekly sessions looking at elements of the Eucharist service, wrote their names on bricks to show they are part of building a foundation for the church of Magor school

Magor Churchmen

Magor Churchmen organise local eventsA group who are actively involved in fundraising and organising community events. Amongst the events organised are the May Fayre, Frost Fayre and Christmas Eve Santa run.

We also support local schools and churches and other organisations. Individual members and small groups of members are often found making Candy Floss, Popcorn or Hot Chestnuts to aid the fund raising efforts of other organisations or merely to add ‘flavour’ to their events.

The Magor Churchmen’s Society is a non-exclusive organisation that has members from all walks of life. We all have one thing in common and that is the desire to foster community spirit within our villages. Membership is drawn largely from the villages of Magor, Undy and Redwick.

All are welcome. Further details are available at: